Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whirlwind of a week(s)

aka is this ride over yet I may want off.... but then again maybe not.... could I just have what I want please? (and thank you!)
This is the week I have had since Saturday.

1. I get 3 texts from Opie wanting a peice of this fabulousness, he asked 3 time and I said no 3 times! I said I don't want or deserve just sex and if that's what I wanted I could get it. Haven't heard from him since.  (ok not all together true, I replied with that the first time. The second time he wanted a bit of a rainy day co-ed shower, to which I replied when we were together he didn't want a co-ed shower "because why would you want to watch me wash my butt" (His words not mine).  Third time sorry, I can't you know why. I actually replied at one point, " I've put myself out there for you before and all I got was heartache, I'm not sure I can do that to myself again.

2. Told Matt he got kinda jealous. "It's you're choice and maybe you would get your better kisser out of the deal" (enter sarcasim here).  Seriously, if your interested. Ask me out, if not and you want to continue what we have been, you have no right to be jealous!

3. Had an old (but significantly younger, say 22) friend asked me tonight,  to dinner sometime. I said sure. I'm nervous and kinda freaking out. I'll be 28 next saturday. It's Jordan!! I've never ever ever thought of him other than Val's little bro! But he's a good guy, put off college for a year or two to help his mom care for his dad with MS. But IT"S JORDAN!

4. Oh yeah that was the 23 yr old set up from a friend last week who told a friend who wanted a nice girl to take out. So we texted a few times. He quit after he found out I spent last Friday night knitting and am a complete dork. Oh yeah and I didn't respond the way he wanted me to when he told me he was walking around naked. Um no, we've texted for 2 days and never met you're not getting more that a Haha nice to that one. Sorry about your luck.

Oy. What a week!  (but really if the man parade must continue I'm game ;)

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