Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hurry up and wait

Day 2- still waiting, still haven't heard a thing...

Ok so I've decided if I haven't heard from Farmer Man by this weekend I'm going to go talk to him while he's harvesting.  I deserve answers and this isn't fair.

I know, I know. Chances are if he hasn't responded yet, chances are he doesn't want to get back together and he's avoiding the conversation. BUT  I just can't let him go yet. I need to know. A good friend of mine talked to him and his best friend a month (ish) ago.  Basically what she told me was, things went too fast before (true), he's never been in a relationship longer than ours (6 months), he's not quite sure how to be in a relationship but if he can lead things at his pace he'd try again.... And I realized last night, I never told him I understand all those points. But most importantly I didn't tell him that I'm game for that! (Granted that's because he never came to talk and didn't answer his phone). 
So.... yes, go talk to him this weekend OR no, wait it out?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blog Revived!

So I decided today that it's time to revive this blog. New name, new look... oh yeah and actually writing on it may be a good start.

Lets see where am I at right now.   School's in session (except today, thank you NW Ohio fog!), I'm teaching half time Title I reading. I help out kids who are having problems learning to read.  Iz just turned 3!  Still no man... Thought I had one for a while, Farmer Man we'll call him. He's really a great guy. Works hard, was a great boyfriend for a while even through harvest. Shocking I know!  But then deer season came and he kinda disappeared on me for a while. Wouldn't return calls or texts.  Fast forward, he officially broke it off in January. Said I was wasting my time, etc.  So I've spent the last YEAR trying to get over him (yes, this is longer than it took me to get over my ex husband!)

Then come Labor day a little bird told me he was interested again..... So after a few weeks of texts and flirts, and what not. I went to his place and things felt right again (or so I thought). Now I can only get him to answer farming questions via text . I just need to know what is going on in his brain! What does he want here!?!?!  SOS!
So last night I left a voicemail that I need to know what he wants between us and I'll try to quit bugging him until he tells me.... Note try... It's rough... I don't like waiting..... at all....
But I'm doing it.

Day 1- drove past his farm, he was there. Refrained from stopping (yay me)... ugh I hate waiting.....

Well what do you guys think? Real honest opinions here!