Tuesday, November 30, 2010


  It seems like I've been going from one activity to another whether it's family related, school related, or friend related. Let me sum up very briefly. (I'll skip over the stress-filled ex husband flustrations (yes, I know I made up my own word... I like it. I'm flustered, I'm frustred (yeah another made up word) so I'm flustrated!)

My best friend came home to visit from England. Thanks to a rather unfortunate accident her hubby broke his leg and dislocating his ankle, causing them to stay for an unintended long holiday. (No complaining here it was fabulous to see her and watch our kids play together!)

My grandma has not been doing well. She's been in and out of the hospital since she had hernia surgery 2 or 3 weeks ago (really it's getting kind of fuzzy now). My family held an annointing serivce for her at the hospital Saturday night. It's a beautiful, quiet ceromony that revives my faith everytime I'm a part of one. During the service my grandpa (also my pastor) asked Grandma if she had anything she wanted to say to our family. Her simple statement was "keep the faith."  I think she's tired of fighting (as is her body), she's been fighting for 10 blessed years now (I'll blog about the events 10 years ago later)..... Everything's in God's hands now; "Thy will be done."

As for me personally, nothing has been going on. No nibblets, not even much flirtation.  I wish I had someone to lean on, cry to, to hold me.  4 years ago right before Christmas my great grandmother past away not 20 feet from where I am sitting. My family and I surrounded her and sang hymns as she drew her last breath and passed away in her childhood home as she had always wanted.  I made it through that time with the support of my wonderful family. At the time I was also married with a baby.  I'm not saying that I miss being married to my ex (no way in Hell, best thing that ever happened to me was the day he filed for divorce, though it took me a while to realize it).  I do miss the comfort of having someone to sleep beside, to hold me at my low times to comfort me.  But apparently it is not meant to be this time.  So I'll resort to leaning on my friends (in more ways than one!) and family, and muster up the strength to continue on.
This is going to be a hard month I'm afraid.

Country Girl seeking Peace.....

Friday, November 5, 2010


Ok so I've been neglecting my blog... I'm aware. I appologize. Things have been just a teeeeny bit stressful.  To sum it all up my last two weeks have been...... getting my daughter started in pre-k and thusly dealing with my ex husband (ugh I hate that man), moving my baby sister back home after her white trash ex fiance and she broke it off (let me tell you there's a great story behind this one), sick family (now including my daughter), and no I mean NO men lately.  I haven't even had as much as an object of flirtation. It's depressing.....
I did invite my eye candy at work to ride with me to a function on Monday.... He had "errands" to run... sure...
Oh yeah and my dreams.... CRAZY! Like Englishman snogging (yes I said snogging) another girl in front of me in my dream, a ghost capturing my daughter, doing a favor and getting burned for Eye Candy.  Weird weird dreams.

Totally random post, I know, but everything has been totally random lately!

Country Girl seeking peace.... and at least an object of flirtation.... PLEASE!