Monday, March 14, 2011

Date night

Jordan asked me to dinnner on Friday to catch up. I was a little freaked out about the age thing still but I figured, why not, I hadn't been on a date in forever. So he picked me up, I'll admit that I was nervous but I looked and felt good. There was a wait so we sat at the bar for some drinks and chatting. Talking with him came so easy. We talked for something like 3 hours. The waitress would come up to take our order and we were talking so much we hadn't even looked at the menus!
After dinner we decided that the bar scene wasn't a good choice because we wouldn't be able to talk much, so we decided to go to my house and watch a movie.  It was a great night but I still was kinda hesitant. He was my friend's little brother!
Saturday he texted to see what was up. I said that I was chilling with Izzy at home and probably going to watch some Disney movies but he was welcome to come over with us. So he sat through 3 disney movies with us (and often quoting or singing along with me).
Sometime Saturday night or sometime Sunday something clicked in my head. Seriously, why let age be such a hold up. We have a great time together, we can talk about anything and I love spending time with him.  So I told him, and he told me he really likes me too. So he's coming home for my birthday next weekend! 
Things are looking up! :)

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