Monday, February 7, 2011

Single woman's lament

All single women sick and tired of hearing about Valentine's Day and seeing sappy jewerly and flower comercials on TV please raise your hand.

ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!  (insert jumping up and down, hands waving here).

Don't get me wrong. I'm a hopeless romantic. I love to watch sappy chick flicks. Lately it's been the fabulous british accent of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley. 
But something about this holiday makes me go BLAH. 

It could be due to the fact that I am on month 8 of the "unrelationship" with Matt.
Or  that I haven't been on a real date in who knows how long....
Or that I really want to go watch No Strings Attatched
Or that I realized this afternoon that my last "valentine" was my ex husband over 3 years ago.
Or that I swear everyone around me is either in a happy relationship, engaged, recently married, or about to have a baby.

And I may be a touch hormonal.

1 comment:

  1. Don't worry love...I shared your thought on Vday. I hate it. And I am neither happily married, engaged, dating or about to have a baby. We're both miserable romantics together.